I attended a workshop recently on how to easily create your own blog.
The result was to challenge myself to create my very first one, and with any luck the first of many.

I have heard that the first is always the hardest, and I kept asking questions to myself throughout the day, such as, what do I blog about;
What the heck is online public relations?
Five easy tips to make your social media photography pop?
Clever apps to help with your social media photos?
The beginner’s guide to public relations and the differences between a marketer?
or something else?

But being my first, I thought I would craft a quick blog about how appreciative I am with all the support I have been given from Switch Tasmania.

For those that are not aware, there is a plethora of support for small businesses by the Government… yes! our very own Government.
But the support for me was multidimensional.
It wasn’t just about the amazing workshops, it was about the amazing contacts you gain along the way.
I won’t list all the names and businesses, as I am sure if you know me, chances are you are one of the many that have supported me.
So all I really want to say is thank you.
Without you, I wouldn’t be here 🙂